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Gina Jackson is a gallery represented artist obsessed with bringing beauty from her subconscious to life.  Her honesty, mixed with years of study, imparts a unique quality to her paintings.  She works earnestly with thick layers to create rich textures, capturing the drama and elegance of everyday life.

Notable influences of Gina’s style include her late mentors, Mark Weber and David Gross.

Professional acheivements include her work, “Invisible Forces,” received semi-finalist from international art contest, Engage Art Contest.  She has also won Grand Prize and First Prize under MCIS contests.


Her work is frequently shown across galleries and in private collections across the country.

Gina enjoys working in mixed media. Her materials often include oil, acrylic, charcoal and pastel.  Her work may include unexpected elements, such as art materials traditionally used in childhood.  Her tools include roller brushes, pallette knives and even finger-painting.

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