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Gina Jackson

2020 Story

“Invisible Forces”

The story behind this painting is that it was made in 2020 during the lockdown.  Life seemed dire to many due to confusion, fear, sickness, death, loneliness and loss of income.

During prayer, I considered how I could visually represent my FAITH in God, so I decided to PICK UP my brush and start painting.  I believed God would provide everything I needed to use that lockdown time for His glory, and He did.  

I spent many hours on this painting, working with pastel, acrylic, and the non-traditional material, RICE!  (I used rice because it was small and I wanted it to represent the tiny grain of faith I imagined myself having.)

After it was finished, I submitted it to the international Engage Art Contest, where it won semi-finalist.  “Invisible Forces” also went on to show at the Kansas City Art District’s Jones Gallery, where it SOLD.  It now ‘lives’ at a restaurant in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri.

Now, I am creating limited-edition giclées (fine art prints) on canvas for anyone who felt INSPIRED by this story and wants to have beautiful award-winning art on their walls.  (Proceeds go to support my family!)

I would like to THANK everyone who has donated or bought from me because God is using you to make my childhood DREAM of turning pain into beauty come true.  

24×36″ Mixed Media on Canvas

Click below to request pricing on a giclée.

Gina Jackson

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An internationally award-winning artist and ‘renaissance woman’ who built a beautiful world with her self-taught skills and mentorship under Mark Weber and David Gross.  She is known in the art community for being true to her faith in God and empowering women.  Her most well-known attribute is her authenticity and transparency with her faith, thoughts and feelings.

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Memory Art

ORDER CUSTOM ART!  Based 100% on YOUR LOVED FUR BABY OR FAMILY MEMBER! Just EMAIL me a photo at Ginajacksonart@gmail.com and I’ll work my magic.

Missing YOUR fur baby?  Memory paintings not only capture your baby’s good looks but also their SPIRIT.  (My main goal is to capture the ESSENCE of your loved one, so it feels part of them is still with you.)

Never know what to get for the next birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift?!  💕 🎄 Pet Memory Portraits make for a unique and considerate gift for any fur baby lover.

So, look no further – I’ve got a thoughtful present for you.  A CUSTOM Memory Portrait of your friends and family’s loved ones, including their FUR BABIES will be a thoughtful gift to always be cherished.

Imagine getting your very own unique, CUSTOM memory painting!  🥰

impressionist painting of a terrier

This is a breakthrough way to honor your loved one and KEEP THEIR MEMORY on the walls of your home.

I have a COMPETITIVE offer for a 5×7″ memory gift!?!

(ONLY $100 vs. previous $130.)

Email me photos of your loved ones now to ginajacksonart@gmail.com.





Your painting has wonderful color, energy and texture.

-Mark Weber   

I’ve never seen anyone with more natural talent.

-David Gross

I found Gina’s artwork and talent in the summer of 2019 and hired her to do caricatures for our wedding- what a HUGE hit!    Our guests LOVED them, perfect gifts to send them home with.   Gina is fast, very good and professional with everyone.

-Caroline Crouthers    

Highly recommend Gina!  She did caricatures for our wedding reception.  She was professional and fun! Glowing reviews from our guests and they were fun souviners of our event.

– Monica Dempsey  

We met Gina several years back when she drew us at a festival. We liked both her and the quality of her work so much that several years later, we asked her to draw caricatures at our wedding. It made for the most popular wedding favor at the reception.

Her ability to create accurate and fun drawings while also moving quickly made her the perfect person to ask for this assignment, and it wound up being one of the staples everyone remembers about our wedding.  She is excellent, both in work quality and personality, to work with!

-Ryan Landreth

woman memory art
review of a painting


Gina Jackson, Artist

Email me  |  Ginajacksonart@gmail.com 



Gina Jackson,